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Testimonials & Transformations

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Love working with Robbie; Great results and I can tell he's invested in my success. 

Colby M, Client Since 2021

Our Clients Say

Heather P, Client Since 2022

Rob listens to my concerns and answers all of my questions. He's always so positive and encouraging!

Skyler S, Client Since 2021

I have met and exceeded my fitness goals. There have been times that I've hit different plateaus and SicFitness has helped me get past them. 

Jessica C, Client Since 2022

Nothing but amazing!!! Rob and Brando were just so easy to deal with, always flexible in changing anything up for me and available to answer any of the thousands of questions I had. 

Kevin M, Client Since 2021

I never expect my journey to lead to where I am today and the overall change in my physical appearance and mental well-being has been incredible. 

Dylan P, Client Since 2022

Tracking workouts in the app is very helpful week after week. I wanted to optimize my time in the gym and have a program that I know is going to give me results as long as I follow it–Brando has made that happen! 

Matt B, Client Since 2021

I'm in the best shape of my life; Great workout and meal plans, and I'm held accountable for my actions. 

Michael M, Client Since 2022

Robbie listens to what my goals are, provides great guidance, and always has my health and best interest at heart. 

David L, Client Since 2020

I had no idea how much my life would really change after working with Robbie–this man has changed my life in ways I couldn't have fathomed. He took all my complications (busy work schedule, home gym, diet restrictions, etc.) and pumped out a plan to help me succeed. 

Brendan A, Client Since 2022

I'm feeling so much better, both physically and mentally, and I can't wait to continue seeing results!

Daniel N, Client Since 2022

I am thoroughly pleased with the guidance and help I have gotten with SicFitness. Robbie is on top of his clients and is very encouraging. I haven't been this motivated in the gym in a long time and I attribute that to SicFitness!

Danny T, Client Since 2021

My time with Rob is always great and I am getting great results. This is the best investment I have made in myself. 

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