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Episode 1: Consistency 
Episode 2: Shredding- Burning Fat
Episode 3: Programming-Shred, Maintain, Growth
Episode 5: Prep vs. Lifestyle Clients

Episode 7: How we got started in the personal training industry. 

Episode 9: Natty or not?

Episode 4: Supplementation 

Episode 6: Overcoming plateaus and recovery techniques 

Episode 8: Motivation

Episode 10: Prep files- 3 weeks out

Episode 11: Progressive Overload

Episode 13: the Do's and Don'ts of gym etiquette

Episode 15: New Year New you

Episode 12: Traveling and staying on plan

Episode 14: Getting through Injuries

Episode 16: Meal Timing 

Episode 17: Optimizing sleep, Mindful eating, Reverse dieting and more! 

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